Massimo is a collaborator of ADR. He mainly deals with corporate criminal law and the management of corporate compliance programs. In 2023 he obtained the qualification to practice law at the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria and is registered with the Bar of Macerata.

Born in 1994, after graduating from the Liceo Scientifico “L. Da Vinci” in Reggio Calabria, in 2019 he graduated in Law with honors from the “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria.

After his academic studies he carried out his forensic practice at the Foti Law Firm and, at the same time, the training course ex art. 73, D.L. 69/2013, at the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Reggio Calabria – Preventive Measures of Reggio Calabria.

From 2020 to 2021 he attended the course “Rocco Galli”. In 2023 he obtained the Master in “D. Lgs. 231/2001 in the company organization”, organized by the IPSOA Training School and also participated in the Course in “Compliance 231 and operational management in the company context” organized by Giuffrè Formazione.
He speaks Italian and English.


After obtaining the qualification to practice law, he gained work experience at CFA Consulenze S.r.l., deepening the dynamics related to the drafting of the Model of Organization, Management and Control referred to in D. Lgs. 231 of 2001. He has been collaborating with ADR Firm S.r.l. since January 2024.

Areas of expertise

  • Assists the legal representatives of companies in the construction and constant updating of an organization, management and control model capable of excluding the company’s criminal liability under and pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 of 2001;
  • Assists the legal representatives of companies in the implementation of organization, management and control models pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 231 of 2001, with the legislation on (i) prevention of corruption (Law 190/2012 and subsequent amendments and additions), (ii) integrity and transparency obligations (Legislative Decree 33/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions), (iii) processing of personal data (Reg. EU 678/2016);
  • Assists legal representatives of companies in managing the internal system of powers of delegations and proxies, as well as in creating annual procedures for auditing the work of appointed top executives for the purpose of preventing any kind of fault in supervising.