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What are cookies?

Almost all websites use cookies. A cookie is a tiny data file that saves Internet settings. It is downloaded from the browser first time you access a website. Next time you go again to that site using the same device, the browser will check the presence of a cookie related to or containing the name of the website, and it will use the data inside the cookie and send it again to the site. This allows websites to recognize the browser and, in some cases, to change the content shown whichever is appropriate.

Checking and removing cookies

If you would like to change the way your browser uses cookies, or block or remove the cookies embedded in your device, you can do it at any moment by changing the browser settings. However, certain features of the site may be limited.

The process to check and remove cookies varies depending on the browser you use.

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Cookies used on the ADR s.r.l. website

ADR s.r.l. uses its own technical cookies and technical third-party cookies, as well as profiling third-party cookies. As regards the latter, we will not accede the information gathered by the cookies not even in non-aggregate form.

In the following table, technical cookies are clearly distinguished from profiling cookies, and ADR s.r.l. cookies from third-party cookies. Moreover, features, purposes and expiry date for each of them are specified.