Civil Law

ADR provides advice and assistance to the Client with any private law issues, especially by handling any legal transactions related to specific business relationships and entrepreneurial activities, from agreements with banking institutions to relationships with suppliers, as well as with the solution of any problems and disputes arising from these relationships.

Here are the main activities carried out by ADR for its Clients in the area of Civil Law: 

  • ADR has provided Clients with a team of lawyers able to handle any kind of civil proceedings, whether legal or arbitral, all over Italy (islands included). We take care of the following: collection of all necessary documents for the preliminary examination, coordination of the legal professionals that will handle the case, preparation and drafting of  procedural documents. The Client will receive monthly reports on the management of the proceedings.

  • Through its partners and collaborators, ADR assists its Clients in the pre-action phase, constantly supporting them with the preparation and drafting of deeds, communications and documents.

  • ADR has gained wide experience in the drafting of contracts and contract models concerning the areas that are most relevant to the Client’s business activity: supply contracts, procurement of works and services, purchase agreements, renting, gratuitous loan, banking agreements, etc.

  • In the field of banking agreements, ADR provides advice to its Clients in order to get funding, loans and leasing. We manage their relationships with Bank Institutes on their behalf, if necessary.

  • ADR provides assistance with any procedures aimed towards the amicable settlement of a dispute. These procedures include assisted negotiation, conciliation and mediation, and transactions in general.

  • In the area of international disputes concerning supply contracts and trade agreements, ADR provides its Clients a team of professionals that will handle the litigation process, whether legal or arbitral, by coordinating and organizing the activities of the overseas legal and professional offices that will be entrusted by ADR with the local management of a given case file.


Claudia Prenna
Gian Marco Peretti
Elisa Pieroni
Cristina Brasca
Paolo Morena
Marco Salvadori
Amii Caporaletti
Ludovica Calzecchi Onesti
Francesco Concordia

ADR organizes training sessions to enable the Company’s managerial staff and employees to manage the above mentioned activities on their own and in the best possible way.

An agreement with ADR on a flat rate basis includes assistance by one or several advisors qualified for the legal practice in dealing with litigation matters.