Corporate Criminal Law

ADR assists its Clients in preventing and managing any risky situations which might have potential criminal implications, particularly regarding financial crimes, bankruptcy offences, food fraud, failure to comply with HACCP standards, crimes under the Consolidated Text of Legislative Decree No 380/2001, environmental crimes, criminal associations, crimes related to public auctions, offences against Public Administration, crimes connected to work injuries.

ADR provides advice to Client Companies in relation to administrative liability resulting from a crime under Legislative Decree No 231/01, also taking care of the drafting and updating of Organization, Prevention and Control Models.

Here are some some advisory services successfully performed by ADR for its Clients in the area of Corporate Criminal Law:

  • ADR provided a Client with a team of defence lawyers to protect them in criminal proceedings instituted by reason of a fatal accident at work. The manager accused was fully acquitted.

  • ADR took care of the setting up of more than ten Models under Legislative Decree 231/2001, also when criminal proceedings had already been started.

  • ADR coordinated a team of professionals to assist a Client in the course of proceedings brought for crime-related Administrative Responsibility under Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, as a consequence of major injuries resulting from an accidentat work. At the conclusion of these proceedings, the Company was not held responsible.

  • ADR coordinated a team of professionals who provided advice to a Client involved in a tax investigation with criminal implications.

  • ADR assisted a Client in the course of an inspection conducted by the competent Authorities for suspected food fraud and failure to comply with HACCP standards. It also coordinated a team of defence lawyers for the relevant criminal issues.

  • ADR provided advice to business owners involved in investigations for bankruptcy fraud opened as a consequence of insolvency proceedings.

  • ADR provided advice and assistance to Managers and Public Officials involved in investigations opened for crimes against Public Administration, including criminal associations.


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ADR organizes training sessions to enable the Company’s managerial staff and employees to manage the above mentioned activities on their own and in the best possible way.

An agreement with ADR on a flat rate basis includes assistance by one or several advisors qualified for the legal practice in dealing with litigation matters.