Amii is a collaborator of ADR s.r.l. She mainly deals with civil law with particular reference to debt collection, summary proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings. Her legal assistance and consultancy activity is mainly aimed at companies. In 2016 she obtained the qualification to practice the legal profession. Speaks Italian and French.

Graduated in Business Expert and Correspondent in Foreign Languages at the I.T.A.S. of Macerata, in 2013 she graduated in Law at the University of Macerata, with a thesis in Political Economy entitled “Consumer Protection”. After graduating, she did her forensic practice at the firm of Avv. Barbara Recanti, and subsequently at the Carnevali Law Firm. In 2016 she obtained the title of Lawyer and since 2020 she has been registered with the Macerata Bar Association.

In 2018 she carried out a training course on Privacy and on the regulation of the GDPR 679/16.

After practicing forensics and having obtained the title of Lawyer, from 2017 to 2020 she held the position of Head of the Legal Department and Credit Recovery at the company O.mec s.r.l. Unipersonale, a period in which she had the opportunity to deepen the subject of credit recovery within a purely corporate structure, gaining experience in the dynamics relating to the management of problematic credit.

She collaborates with the law firm ADR S.r.l. since 2020 where he mainly carries out judicial and extrajudicial activities in the field of Civil Law with particular reference to the matter of credit recovery, forced expropriation and summary proceedings.

Areas of expertise

  • She provides her support activity in the drafting and preparation of civil documents, and documents relating to summary proceedings and executive procedures.
  • She has gained particular experience in forced expropriation in general, in summary proceedings and insolvency proceedings.
  • She deals with the management and judicial and extrajudicial treatment of credit recovery practices.