Andrea is the founder of ADR and a partner in it. He mainly deals with administrative, corporate and corporate criminal law matters. His clients are companies and family businesses. He has been a lawyer since 2007.


He was born in 1979. After getting his secondary school leaving certificate at Liceo Ginnasio “G. Leopardi”, in 2003 he graduated in Law with highest honours from the University of Macerata. In 2004 he did a Master’s in corporate law at the University of Florence; in 2005 he underwent part of his legal training at the NCTM – Negri, Clementi, Toffoletto, Montironi and Associates – Law Firm in Milan.


He founded ADR s.r.l. in 2008. Presently, the Law Firm has around fifteen collaborators and operates in Italy and abroad using the best communication technologies and a wide network of business contacts. His Clients are companies and family businesses located all over Italy.

  • He provides advice in the field of procurement and concessions. He has gained considerable experience in the sector of procurement processes by the Public Administration, assisting Client Companies in more than four hundred tenders. He is a speaker in numerous training sessions intended for Managers of public and private companies. He is vastly experienced in the adoption and effective implementation of the self-cleaning procedures the companies should follow to be able to participate in procurement procedures even in the event that specific crimes were committed by the directors.
  • With regard to Authorities, he mainly deals with procedures at ANAC (National Anti-corruption Authority) and AGCM (National Competition and Markets Authority). He is the national contact person at ANAC for CONFIDA, an Italian automatic vending association. He has wide experience in helping companies obtain and maintain the Rating di Qualità (an ethical code for Italian companies) at AGCM.
  • He is in charge of numerous antitrust compliance programmes intended for Companies, whether or not involved in preliminary proceedings.
  • He provides advice and assistance with regard to: incorporation, drafting of articles of association, shareholders’agreements, resolutions adopted in meetings and by Boards of Directors; designing of schemes of delegation of powers; drawing up of letters of intent and framework agreements leading to the undertaking of extraordinary corporate operations; finalization of stake and share transfer operations. He has dealt with the planning, development and follow-up of more than fifty operations concerning the transfer of companies and branches of companies, mergers and demergers.
  • He assists Client Companies in drafting international agreements and performance bonds, and he has dealt with several arbitration proceedings at International Chambers of Commerce.
  • He assists family businesses in the delicate structuring of family agreements aimed at managing the capital and the governance of both the group and the company in the framework of generational handover. He has been appointed administrator of several agreements thar are still in place.
  • He has been for several years a member of the board of directors of one of the most important consortia in the food vending sector. He is also an external advisor for  numerous boards of directors of large and medium-sized limited companies owned by offshore funds or by families and trading on regulated markets.
  • He assists the legal representatives of companies in developing an effective organisational, management and control model to avoid criminal corporate liability according to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree No 231/2001. He has developed at least ten models, also when criminal proceedings had been started.
  • He assists the legal representatives of companies in managing the internal scheme of delegation of statutory powers, as well as in designing annual procedures to check the work of the senior management representatives appointed, with a view to avoiding vicarious liability.
  • He provides expertise with regard to occupational and environmental accidents, also in case of recourse claims brought by Welfare and Social Security Agencies and Insurance Companies. He also deals with any offences related to business activity, such as food fraud,  failure to comply with HACCP standards,tax and bankruptcy offences, as well as offences concerning any kind of infringement under the Consolidated Text of Legislative Decree No. 380/2001.