Company Law

ADR assists its Client in setting up company, drawing up articles of association and shareholders’ agreements, contracts and agreements leading to the undertaking of extraordinary corporate operations and follow-up thereof.

ADR provides advisory services to Client Companies as regards international business contracts and the drawing up of family business agreements in the framework of generational handover.

Here are some of the advisory services successfully performed by ADR for its Clients in the area of Corporate Law:

  • ADR has provided a team of professional for the drafting of letters of intent and framework agreements leading to the undertaking of extraordinary corporate operations, and for the finalization of stake and share transfer operations.

  • ADR has successfully handled numerous operations related to the transfer of companies and branches of companies.

  • ADR has provided a Client with a team of professionals for entering into an international agreement for the sale of goods, which has also included the drafting of letters of credit and performance bonds.

  • ADR has assisted business owners with the creation of websites by setting out general conditions of sale, privacy policy, terms of use and cookies policy for distance contracts (e-commerce).

  • ADR has managed, through a team of professionals, the drafting of numerous regulations of loyalty programs and prize competitions.

  • ADR has assisted, by coordinating a team of professionals, a Client Company in conceiving a Family Business Agreement aimed at regulating the generational handover of the company.

  • ADR provides advisory services to many boards of large and medium-sized public limited companies owned by offshore funds or by families and trading on regulated markets.


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ADR organizes training sessions to enable the Company’s managerial staff and employees to manage the above mentioned activities on their own and in the best possible way.

An agreement with ADR on a flat rate basis includes assistance by one or several advisors qualified for the legal practice in dealing with litigation matters.