Insurance Law

ADR assists business owners and self-employed personsin the management and prevention of civil and criminal risks resulting, among other things, from liability corporate liability and professional liability, including medical malpractice liability, liability ensuing from major events and from any problems that might arise in relation to any claims and actions for damages and redress brought by Welfare Offices.

Here are the main activities carried out by ADR for its Clients in the area of Insurance Law:

  • ADR has provided Clients with a team of lawyers able to deal with any litigation matters in relation to corporate and professional liability, managing the relevant civil and criminal implications.

  • ADR has gained considerable experience in the area of civil and criminal liability related to accidents at work, taking care of the relationships with the Insurance Companies concerned and with Welfare Agencies.

  • ADR has provided advisory services to companies, business owners, managers and public officials involved in proceedings brought for environmental accidents.

  • ADR has provided legal advice and assistance, on both civil and criminal matters, to companies, business owners and employees with regard to third-party liability insurance and road traffic accidents.

  • ADR has successfully conducted negotiations between leading Italian and European Insurance Groups aimed at the settlement of accidents caused by major events.

  • ADR has provided legal advice and assistance  to a leading Italian Insurance Group with regard to the management of around eighty accidents each year having civil and criminal implications.


ADR organizes training sessions to enable the Company’s managerial staff and employees to manage the above mentioned activities on their own and in the best possible way.

An agreement with ADR on a flat rate basis includes assistance by one or several advisors qualified for the legal practice in dealing with litigation matters.