Valentina is a collaborator of ADR. She mainly deals with corporate criminal and tax law matters and Independent Administrative Authorities. She has been a lawyer since 2017.

She was born in 1990. After getting her secondary school leaving certificate at Liceo Linguistico “L. Da Vinci” in Civitanova Marche, in 2014 she graduated in Law with highest honours from the University of Macerata with a thesis in criminal procedure law. She started legal training at Studio Legale Interlex in Macerata in 2014 to qualify for the legal profession. She speaks Italian and English.

She has been collaborating with ADR s.r.l. since 2014. She mainly provides Companies, family businesses and professionals with legal advice on criminal and insurance matters and as far as relations with Independent Administrative Authorities are concerned.

  • She deals withany offences related to business activity, including fiscal and tax offences, bankruptcy offences, food fraud,  failure to comply with HACCP standards, offences under the Consolidated Text of Legislative Decree No 380/2001, environmental crimes, criminal associations, crimes related to public auctions, offences against Public Administration;
  • She has specific expertise in the field of criminal liability for work-related accidents and, among other things, she assists the legal representatives of the Client Companies in preventing and combating accidents, and in handling the internal scheme of delegation of statutory powers;
  • She provides advice about the administrative liability of Entities resulting from an offence (under Legislative Decree No 231/01);
  • She deals with the protection of the rights of companies, business owners and independent professionals at the European Court of Human Rights.
  • She assists business owners and independent professionalsin managing and preventing the risk of incurring civil and criminal liability that might result, among other things, from professional liability,including medical malpractice liability, liability ensuing from major events and injuries, and from problems that might arise in relation to claims and actions for damages and redress brought by Welfare Offices;
  • She provides advice to companies, business owners and independent professionals about civil and criminal liability resulting from accidents at work, and has also charge of relationships with the Insurance Companies concerned;
  • She provides legal advice on civil and criminal matters to companies, business owners and individual professionals with regard to third-party liability insurance and road traffic accidents;
  • In the past year she cooperated, on behalf of a leading Italian Insurance Group, in the handling of more than eighty accidents with civil and criminal implications and primarily related to corporate liability and professional liability.
  • She offers advice to companies involved in inspection processes conducted by the National Antitrust Authority (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato), also cooperating in the preparation and adoption of Antitrust Compliance Programmes for companies, whether or no they are involved in investigation processes;
  • She cooperates in providing companies with support and advice in relation to any proceedings taken by the National Antitrust Authority, which also involves study, in-depth analysis and assistance with regard to quasi-normative procedures and sources referred to the same Authority;
  • She provides companies with assistance in obtaining and maintaining the Rating di Legalità(an ethical code for Italian companies), which includes : collection of self-certification declarations, implementation of standards of business behaviour, application of local and national Regulatory Compliance Regulations, enforcement of Ethical Codes and Guidelines, conformity with the Corporate Social Responsibility principles, designing and development of Anti-corruption Models;
  • She provides companies with advice on their relationships with the Authorities, and assists them also in relation to the conciliation procedures contemplated by the relevant regulations (for example, with the Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water).