Lucrezia mainly deals with family and criminal law matters and creditors’ rights. Her clients are companies and private individuals. She has been a lawyer since 2012 and she qualified as a court-appointed attorney in 2018.


She was born in 1982. After getting her secondary school certificate with full marks at the “Giacomo Leopardi” Classical Secondary School in Macerata (Italy), in 2002 she obtained a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and in 2008 she graduated in Law with full marks from the University of Macerata with the following thesis in Forensic Medicine: “Medical error – Medico-legal viewpoint in assessing doctor’s liability” (Supervisor: Prof. Mariano Cingolani; Co-Supervisor: Prof. Rino Froldi). In 2009, she published the following academic paper: “Medical liability and particularly difficult technical problems” by L. Boari and M. Cingolani, in “Rivista Italiana di Medicina Legale”, 4-5/2009, pages 925-944.

In 2015, she obtained a PhD in Forensic Sciences from the University of Macerata, with a research programme in Medical Malpractice. Since 2016, she has been an Expert on the subject of Forensic Medicine at the Department of Law of the University of Macerata, where she carries out research and teaching activities and is a member of the Examination Board. She speaks Italian and English.


She has been collaborating with ADR since 2017.

  • She has provided advice and assistance in separation, divorce, and guardianship procedures.

  • She has provided advice and assistance in proceedings for non-fulfillment of family obligations, drug dealing, dealing in stolen goods, drunk driving, and personal precautionary measures.

  • She has provided private individuals and companies with advice and assistance in relation to procedures for debt recovery and damage claims.