ADR assists business owners and self-employed persons in managing tax assessment notices, notices of settlement and any other notification procedures from the Tax Authority. We assist our Clients both in the pre-action phase and, through a specialized team of professionals, in the litigation phase. We also assist our Clients with the tax analysis of the main operations concerning the Company and the transfer of immovable property.

Here are the main activities carried out by ADR for its Clients in the area of Tax Law:

  • ADR provided a Client with a team of lawyers able to handle a litigation procedure related to alleged illegal sponsorships to a top basketball team.

  • ADR provided a Client with a team of professionals to evaluate the fiscal impact of the transfer of a majority stake of a limited Holding company to the Client’s lineal descendants.

  • ADR provided a Client with a team of professionals to analyse fiscal impact on an operation concerning the transfer of real estate assets.


ADR organizes training sessions to enable the Company’s managerial staff and employees to manage the above mentioned activities on their own and in the best possible way.

An agreement with ADR on a flat rate basis includes assistance by one or several advisors qualified for the legal practice in dealing with litigation matters.