Liomatic S.p.a.

Ilaria and Camilla Caporali
Chief Executive Officers, Liomatic S.p.A. (Perugia)

Our company’s financial statements for the year 2017 were of around 85 million euros in turnover, but the nearly ten-year collaboration with ADR concerns the whole company group: a structure operating in 5 regions, with 8 operational seats, 540 collaborators and a consolidated balance sheet of 150 million euros. Interaction with the company’s key figures is smooth and extensive, always very attentive to communication logics and to information and problem solving sharing.

ADR provides a wide range of services and activities. They assist our Company also in addressing family business issues, in particular by supporting the second generation in the management of family business agreements and of personal and family assets, with special attention to “people”, in addition to technical and legal aspects.

Knowledgeable, dynamic, experienced professionals, they provide our employees with on-the-job training by working in tandem with them on the various case studies dealt with.

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