Ccs S.p.a.

Eng. Roberto Lemme
General Manager, CCS S.p.A.

Cellulose Converting Solutions (CCS) employs 120 people and has a sales volume of around 48 million euros. We produce systems for the manufacture of personal care products and we have customers across five continents, with an export quota exceeding 80%, so we need assistance with the most disparate issues connected to international trade, especially as regards contracts.

We have been collaborating with ADR for two years. They assist us with international matters and in handling the supply chain, staff, risk management and, more generally, compliance with the new regulations that companies have to cope with more and more frequently.

We are enthusiastic about our collaboration with ADR, not only for their high standards of professionalism and their proactive approach, but especially for the close interpersonal relationship that has developed.

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